Cuz [noun]

Definition of Cuz:

person's friend

Synonyms of Cuz:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cuz:

Sentence/Example of Cuz:

Pa's got a few buckshot in him; but he don't mind it 'cuz he don't weigh much, anyway.

We'll live longer fer it, an' thet'll please God sure—cuz I don't think he's hankerin' fer our society—not a bit.

I done gone lost a stick of sugar yistiddy, but I lose all my pence o trade to-day cuz, of bein hauled in heah agin my will.

He caint make me pay nottin cuz he made me walk half th way.

Dont worry about seein so many, cuz you only has to pick out one stone at a time, you know.

Cuz it is hard work to ketch hens in the daytime whiles they are scratchin around.

It's 'cuz that feller is so smart that Ah feels shore the Boss won't get wind of mah hosses bein' lent.

Well, he got a shovers license las spring cuz he figgered on drivin somebodys car this summer in the country.

The others respect him 'cuz he's proved his ability to lead.

Well, I've got to get home, cuz I promised to meet him by twelve o'clock.