Cyclonic [adjective]

Definition of Cyclonic:

very fast

Synonyms of Cyclonic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cyclonic:

Sentence/Example of Cyclonic:

One of the most valuable services rendered is that of the warnings of cyclonic storms for the benefit of marine interests.

Here was a man who stood four square to the winds, undisturbed by the cyclonic outbursts of unfriendly newspapers.

This may give a rough idea of the apparatus employed to measure the momentary velocity of the cyclonic gusts.

There was a sudden crashing arc and a blaze of blue flame that swept in a cyclonic twisting motion inside the crucible.

Jim saw the black smoke masses whirl through the jagged hole in the Dome's wall as the air burst out in a cyclonic gust.

This they actually did, for the wind had struck with such cyclonic force it seemed the canvas would be torn from its moorings.

Its rainfall also is largely planetary rather than cyclonic.

The islands on the sea-front are exposed to devastation by cyclonic storm-waves.

For Haeckel has been a storm center of the cyclonic movements that have swept over the whole earth during the last century.

The lines of equal pressure or isobars generally curve and inclose what is known as a cyclonic centre, or depression or LOW.