Cyclopean [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cyclopean:

At the extremity of the cavern, which was oblong, rose a Cyclopean archivolte, singularly exact in form.

The Cyclopean doors that we hung, with sliding bolts fit to be “the mast of some great admiral”!

Most of the Mycenaean walls, on the other hand, are of "Cyclopean" style, in large irregular blocks.

His speeches were Cyclopean cries, at the sight of the truth breaking, like the sun, on his mind.

The masonry is of different character from that cyclopean piling of boulders which was all the earlier men had known of building.

Of such cyclopean style, though it is a small specimen, is the Chûn cromlech, standing near.

This Cyclopean construction varies with the geological nature of the rock employed.

Now it is dwarfed into absolute insignificance by a dozen Cyclopean structures on every hand.

A wonderful union is that Pitti Palace of cyclopean massiveness with stately regularity.

And receiving no answer, he gave such a blow at the door with his powerful cyclopean leg that it burst the lock with a loud noise.