Cylinders [noun]

Definition of Cylinders:

a geometrical form

Synonyms of Cylinders:

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Sentence/Example of Cylinders:

Ice cores are cylinders removed from such ice, such as a glacier.

Anderson filled a cylinder with uncooked rice grains and sealed it off, heating the container while rotating it and increasing the interior pressure.

A little over two years ago, a shipping container-sized cylinder bearing Microsoft’s name and logo was lowered onto the ocean floor off the northern coast of Scotland.

Even if Milwaukee was guilty of treating the seeding games like a tune-up, Giannis’s game was still firing on all cylinders.

In new lab experiments, physicists dropped a cylinder onto this goop.

I believe you will find this an exceeding good duty for a 5½-inch cylinder engine.

At Wheal Alfred they have a 64-inch cylinder; the air-pump is 20 inches, and the stroke is half that of the engine.

A four-way cock near the top of the cylinder turned the steam on and off.

A flattish cover was bolted on to the top of the boiler, and the cylinder was let down into this top.

People used to say that she forked the mine better than two of Boulton and Watt's 80-inch cylinder engines.