Cylindrical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cylindrical:

A cylindrical mouthpiece, possibly a hollow bird bone, was inserted in the hole, they suspect.

Bea Alvarez pierced the Pauma Valley earth with the metallic bit of her cylindrical soil tester.

You can also place a draft stopper — a cylindrical pillow you can get for less than $15 at a hardware store — on windowsills and door thresholds.

As we just saw, the first Betti number, b1, is the number of circular holes in a shape — like the circle around the cylindrical straw, the three holes in binder paper and the two circular directions of the torus.

When it comes to lens shape for kids, you can opt for a cylindrical shape which should provide a good amount of visibility for their ski sessions.

The portable press comes with a funnel, a scoop, and a stirrer to help you fill its narrow cylindrical body.

The cylindrical shape of the tubes causes cooler, denser air to sink toward the ground and push hotter, lighter air up and out.

At that time one of his high-pressure puffer-engines, with a cylindrical boiler and internal tube, was working in Staffordshire.

It was of a cylindrical shape, having a deep zone at the equator, and a containing capacity of about 300 feet.

He does not recollect the duty the engine performed with the cylindrical boilers.