Cynically [adverb]

Definition of Cynically:

without hope

Synonyms of Cynically:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cynically:

Sentence/Example of Cynically:

Perhaps it’d be cynical to assume that anonymous donors are all as covertly egotistical as Danson seems.

Companies that claim to care about being socially responsible are often greeted with a cynical eye.

Tadelis, by the end of his time at eBay, had come to think that his cynical view of advertising didn’t go far enough.

As a kind of post-Brexit tale of upper-level government machinations, “Roadkill” couldn’t be more cynical about the political process.

I spent 2018 traveling the country, interviewing the voters who’d made a cynical, Trumpian bargain in 2016, most of them conservative Christians.

He and his wife were falling naturally into the way of—as he had just cynically styled it—fashionable people.

But you may cynically remind me that nothing will come of the Determinists' protest against the evil social conditions.

"I guess in a good many cases it wouldn't do to be too curious," she said cynically.

Lamont laughed cynically, and dumped the great body on the heap of clothes which stood for a bed.

"No woman is above her own heart," Millar replied cynically.