Cynicism [noun]

Definition of Cynicism:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Cynicism:

Sentence/Example of Cynicism:

That cynicism doesn’t seem to be motivating them to sit on the sidelines during elections.

McConnell argued, with obvious cynicism, that he wanted the American people to weigh in on the president first.

I spotlighted the Change the World list yesterday, but I will do so again today, because it is a welcome antidote to the cynicism that pervades today’s discussions today about the state of business.

The cynicism behind this statement can make many people uncomfortable.

It’s got the idealism of The West Wing married to the cynicism of House of Cards, and it somehow works.

“Perhaps I div,” returned the Scot, with that touch of cynicism which is occasionally seen in his race.

Ordinarily she was smiling with an affected cynicism, and it was plain to be seen that she respected her intellect.

Directly he entered her presence he seemed to forget his cynicism, and to become light-hearted and gay.

The voice could be heard, in different modulations, but always with profound cynicism as its basis.

Along with his war-books, Thyrsis was reading his daily newspaper, which came to him freighted with the cynicism of the hour.