Cynics [noun]

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In Wilde’s day, the cynic and sentimentalist characters made for good theater.

A cynic would say this is a way for the company to drive product adoption until it has a large, installed base of users.

A cynic might wonder if the police were telling the whole truth.

A cynic was Blondet, with little regard for glory undefiled.

Could I have been led to believe that the vile mockery of the cynic was applicable to one in my forlorn and desperate situation?

I've met him; he's a bad-tempered hypochondriac, a cynic at heart, and a man whose word is never doubted.

The word cynic, too, comes from the name given to certain Greek philosophers who despised pleasure.

Suppose he is a cynic, it is to his interest to govern well.

I felt in him at once the curious combination of the Christian and the cynic,—of reverence for man, and contempt of men.

No, it was impossible; even to such a cynic as Hugo Stott, it was evident that the man had been thoroughly in earnest.