Cysts [noun]

Definition of Cysts:

unusual growth

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Sentence/Example of Cysts:

Neither expectorated black matter, and both died from the bursting of a carbonaceous cyst into the bronchi, producing suffocation.

An ovarian cyst with a twisted pedicle has been found in a fœtus at birth (Otto von Franque).

It is necessary for the surgeon to remember that a cancerous Fallopian tube may lead to complications with an ovarian cyst.

It is not uncommon, after enucleating a cyst in this way, to find the ureter lying at the bottom of the recess.

This mode of dealing with a cyst is usually termed ‘incomplete ovariotomy’.

In addition, the cancerous material has infiltrated the wall of the ovarian cyst.

When the stalk is narrow it may be transfixed and secured with silk thread, like the pedicle of an ovarian cyst.

The removal of a parovarian cyst during pregnancy is more liable to be followed by abortion than single or double ovariotomy.

An overfull bladder has been mistaken for an ovarian cyst and been punctured with a trocar before the mistake was discovered.

The cyst forms a characteristic tense ovoid or pyriform swelling in the posterior third of the labium majus.