Czar [noun]

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As Gates writes, the “czar” title was first used in 1918—President Woodrow Wilson’s “industry czar” oversaw WWI supplies.

During Boler Davis’s tenure as quality czar, GM substantially improved its record on that front.

Meanwhile, unknown to the Marshal, the Emperor had accepted the Czar's demands for an armistice.

But the Czar's mind had early taken a strange ply which it retained to the last.

The Czar returned the visit with the same precautions, and was admitted into Kensington House by a back door.

It was, indeed, not in the character of tenant that the Czar was likely to gain the good word of civilised men.

The czar had his hat pierced by a ball, and prince Menzikoff had three horses killed under him.

The attitude of the Czar toward Napoleon was markedly different from that of his predecessors in defeat.

Savary declared that the smiling and complacent young Czar thought the remark delightful.

The Czar was too close to the crime which had set him on his throne to assume any airs of superiority with the French Csar.