Dabbled [verb]

Definition of Dabbled:

play at; tinker

Opposite/Antonyms of Dabbled:


Sentence/Example of Dabbled:

Steve Graham had dabbled in breaking in college in the early 1980s.

We’ve dabbled in products before with Kraft Heinz and our Ssam Sauce.

In a recent widely-shared essay about those dabbling in Robinhood options, veteran trader Ranjan Roy referred to them as “the gravy” for the rest of the industry.

In the 10 years since Bitcoin came on the financial scene, central banks have quietly been dabbling in digital currencies of their own.

Like other major video streaming sites around the world, Kuaishou and iQiyi have dabbled in making augmented reality content, and securing a hardware partner will no doubt be instrumental to their early experiments.

I suppose it is the inevitable doom of all those who dabble in Scotch soil; but really your fate is the more blessed.

The earlier alchemists knew nothing of its theosophic doctrines; and the earlier Rosicrucians did not dabble in alchemy.

It is our desire to state at the start that this paper does not intend to dabble in the muddy pool of politics.

Also Marion got a spaniel and began to dabble with the minor arts, with poker-work and a Kodak and hyacinths in glasses.

He took off his linen painting sleeves, and began to dabble his fingers in a pan of turpentine.