Dad [noun]

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Old man






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Sentence/Example of Dad:

My dad, he and I didn’t sit down and have those big, long talks that some dads do with their children, but it stuck with me, and I remembered him saying that.

She goes to war to save her dad, sure — but she also goes because she’s a tomboy who rejects traditional femininity.

It has a 70-pound weight limit, so it’s off-limits for mom and dad but great for younger children.

I want my children to think the world of their dad the way Gianna Floyd thinks of hers.

It’s been stressful because I have to worry about still having to help my dad, I have to give him rent money every month, and then I still have to pay off this loan … and I don’t get that much of a check, you know.

My dad does building management for Target Corporation, and neither one of them have ever been political or in the political scene.

Mosquitos love to bite me, and, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s because I’m so sweet, as my dad has told me my entire life.

More that a third of dads with children at home who responded to the survey said they’ve received a promotion while working remotely, and 26% reported having gotten a pay raise.

I recognize that my dad’s communication style is not to everyone’s taste.

Walter and Margaret’s son, Jim Hutchins, 54, a correctional officer in Idaho, said he wasn’t surprised that his dad got involved in the case.