Daddy [noun]

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While the big daddies of global trade continue to bicker over tariffs, Chile joined hands with New Zealand and Singapore in January 2020 to finalize a pact under which they’ll devise common rules for digital trade.

For example, Colton, our youngest, recently observed that daddies need only one pair of underpants.

I hoped Daddy would get my letter and come and take charge of the search himself.

“I am interested in her particularly because Daddy Norwood needs her,” admitted the older girl.

I dare say Daddy has heaps of extra things on his hands because of all the time he spent gadding with us in Europe.

Still no sign of daddy, think must be dead or stolen though nobody to steal same in country.

We have roamed around with Daddy too much to be quite like pattern society girls.

We have often heard Daddy tell people mamma was a practical genius, that would mean nimble fingers, wouldnt it?

Involuntarily she began to weep as she remembered the child's last days; the little choked cry, once or twice, for "Daddy!"

I went 'round wid him a lot, an' I had rather see him come on de plantation any time dan to see my daddy.