Daft [adjective]

Definition of Daft:

stupid; crazy

Synonyms of Daft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daft:

Sentence/Example of Daft:

I was near daft with fear when I saw Leeby wasna there either.

And Dan leaned over and whispered, "See, she's gone daft, like the rest!"

Ah, she is a bonny thing, but ye ken she is a wee bit daft, puir lassie!

There's a sea called Sargasso, and if I told you half the things about it, you'd think me daft.

A man must be daft that takes his wifes death so hard it eeny most kills him, and he stays single all the rest of his life.

Oh, I was mad as a March fox running his first vixen, in that first tide of romantic love,—clean daft and lacking reason.

You're daft about the working-class and have no use for any other.

“You are daft, and he comes here knowing a good deal,” the dream had said.

But then you know he was what you call daft, and one never knew how much to believe.

So there, on the heath, in the golden dance of the light, we linked our hands and lifted our voices like two daft folk.