Dailies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dailies:

He recognized the type of the leading dailies, and could guess the names of the numerous illustrated weeklies.

When she came to town for the season she scored a decided success, and all the leading Dailies joined in the chorus of adulation.

At the time of my visit, Rochester supported thirty-four newspapers and periodicals, of which six were dailies.

The detective conducted the Westerner to a branch advertising office of one of the largest dailies.

Then Terry wrote an account of the whole incident and had it published in one of the big dailies.

The next morning, five or six of the great London dailies burst out simultaneously into great blossoms of eloquent leader-writing.

One was a general daily, two were local dailies, and the rest were local weekly papers.

If not too ill, read the dailies; know the last measure of Congress, the price of gold, and the news by the foreign steamer.

The great dailies were loyal to the last degree and the confidence that was placed in them was never betrayed.

For instance, I should like to do two or three leaders a week for one of the big dailies.