Daily [adjective]

Definition of Daily:

occurring every day; during the day

Synonyms of Daily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daily:

Sentence/Example of Daily:

When it launched last fall, Tinder’s monthly usage was climbing, but users were opening the app less on a daily basis.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan’s leading business daily, detailed Suga’s daily routine in a profile published last year.

Most of us quickly scarf down a salad to maximize our daily output.

The first week of school in the district is now just a daily check-in online with students to help them navigate the new remote learning reality and give teachers more time to prepare.

Frederiksen, the Danish leader, posted a clip of herself singing Danish pop songs while doing the dishes, injecting much-needed humor into the grim diet of daily news.

In response, Dornic told the Beast that CNN had discovered Fox’s “alarming strategy” that he called “the daily bikini.”

The major dailies gave a megaphone to the police, while alternative outlets embedded themselves among the protesters.

If you have ever bought a domain or run a website that ranks on Google, you are probably accustomed to getting emails from PBNs on a daily basis and they will tend to offer you a list of links that you can buy.

Lee McIntyre, Boston UniversityLike a lot of people, we here at The Conversation are facing ethical decisions about our daily life as a result of the coronavirus.

Some were even re-arrested for the same nefarious purpose, and the daily papers published their names on each occasion.