Daintily [adverb]

Definition of Daintily:

gently, effortlessly

Opposite/Antonyms of Daintily:

Sentence/Example of Daintily:

I like how the cardigan itself is almost dainty, with an open knit that’s surprisingly warm for how light it is.

They open quickly, and they take only dainty little bites off of the battery as they operate.

That’s more than seven times as much as some dainty little honeybee delivers.

A cigar should be handled daintily; it is a fragile, graceful creature—don't mar its beauty.

The table was set with Georgian silver and decorated daintily with flowers, while several of the women wore splendid jewels.

How daintily they sip it; how happy they seem; how that lucky rogue of an Irishman prattles away!

A moment later he refers daintily and accurately to the chapel of Saint Nicholas "riding on the bridge, slender and pretty."

She arose from the table and handed me a daintily scented missive addressed to Mrs. Shadd, and I faithfully executed her errand.

Even as we watched, another came and fluttered his feet and breast daintily through the trembling little mirror of water.

She was fond of strawberries, which she ate very daintily, on a fork, holding the plate in the other hand.