Daintiness [noun]

Definition of Daintiness:

weakness, flaw

Synonyms of Daintiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daintiness:

Sentence/Example of Daintiness:

She had never seen such exquisite daintiness and it daunted her, although she would have died rather than admit it.

And no flower of any time can excel it in daintiness, purity, and sweetness.

Incidentally, too, we are giving ourselves that exquisite daintiness which is one of a girl's charms.

“Why, this might be an up-the-river jaunt,” said Denham, as the appetising daintiness of each article of food revealed itself.

Mr. Chase remarks on the delicacy and daintiness of the mouthfuls which these little fish afforded the starving mariners.

Standing five feet one in high heels, Vera Mason was noticeable for her doll-like daintiness of form and feature.

Fanny, however, who was the essence of daintiness, looked at her now with blue-gray eyes full of affection.

Tea was set forth with no daintiness upon the untidy, coloured cloth of the centre-table.

In spite of her penury Perdita had yet managed to invest her little workshop with both daintiness and charm.

Amy could not refrain from admiring the china and all the daintiness of the little house, plain and unpretending though it was.