Dais [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dais:

Dislodging him from such a square or from the daises that preceded it has proved damned near impossible.

Now she walked forward, followed by the two men, until she had passed the faskeeyeh and had reached the foot of the dais.

At the end opposite the entrance is a large sepolcro a mensa, in front of which is a dais elevated two steps.

They sit above our heads, on life's raised dais, and appeal at once to our respect and pity.

The royal dais was protected by a canopy of crimson velvet, trimmed with crimson and gold fringe.

Vyrtl took his place on a dais at the head of the table, and his aide arranged the gold-stiffened ceremonial robe.

The room was empty when we entered, but the Mira appeared almost immediately, and seated us beside him on the dais at the end.

A minute later he burst from the room, brandishing a dripping dagger, and leaving Tettu Agha dead on his own dais.

The contact was so strong—Dalgard's startled eyes went to the wall behind the dais, tried vainly to trace what could only be felt.

As Kathlyn advanced to the canopied dais upon which she was to be crowned, a hand filled with flowers reached out.