Dally [verb]

Definition of Dally:

dawdle, delay

Synonyms of Dally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dally:









Sentence/Example of Dally:

Why, it's six thousand feet up here, and the wind don't monkey and dally around, hit gits right down to business.

Sire and sons returned from the cemetery invigorated for their dally labours.

He quite knew that to dally with the piano-player while smoking a high-class cigar was to insult the cigar.

As the tent was found to encroach partly on the same crevasse, it may be imagined that we did not dally long over the meal.

The novel sensation of an anticipated visit probably caused us to dally less than usual over our morning meal.

We must especially remember that we criminalists must not dally with mathematical truth but must seek historical truth.

Everybody has a disposition to dally for a while with a letter or a package from an unknown source.

They are pleasant things to dally with,—milk and eggs, and spice and sugar.

But you gave it to me to give to him—when you threw the Dally out of the window.

However, if it must be, it must; so let us begin, and not dally.