Damages [noun]

Definition of Damages:

cost for problem

Synonyms of Damages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damages:

Sentence/Example of Damages:

Thirdly, that great damages result because of the division of jurisdiction between the Audiencia and captain-general.

The law only gave you the right to proceed against him to recover money damages for the legal injury.

A chauffeur may recover damages from his employer for injuries received while operating his car.

A husband has a right of action for damages against any person who alienates his wife's affections.

Under these circumstances, the learned counsel called on the jury to reduce the damages to a shrimp.

The jury handed down the verdict that the parsons were entitled to their back pay but awarded damages of one penny to each parson.

The law punishes false imprisonment as a crime; the person unlawfully imprisoned also has a civil action for damages.

It is true that the damages one may recover, however great, may be an inadequate redress, yet it is the best the law can do.

The Seaboard will sue the new railroad for damages for failure to have the tracks into the cuttings on time.

The ardour with which they defend their prejudices damages the opposite party as well as their own set.