Dampens [verb]

Definition of Dampens:

make wet

Synonyms of Dampens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dampens:

Sentence/Example of Dampens:

The platforms have started trying to dampen the influence of QAnon, particularly after it began to intersect with pandemic conspiracy theories.

Accident or vandalism, it does not dampen your mood, though you instruct yourself to take the car to the shop in the coming days.

Lower seismic frequencies tend to be more heavily influenced by oceans and weather, Lecocq says, and signals with higher frequencies tend to be more easily absorbed and dampened by the sediments they pass through.

When you’re sensing something from internally, then it dampens down processing of external signals.

Influenza, for example, dampens each enough to replicate and move to another host, but not so much that a person can’t eventually clear the infection.

Dexamethasone and other steroids dampen the immune system’s response to invading organisms, and have been shown to make viral infections, such as influenza and SARS worse.

Likewise, figuring out who’s eating whom may be key to dampening future crown-of-thorns outbreaks.

But Most's attitude toward me will influence them: it will dampen their enthusiasm, and thus react on the propaganda.

Sprinkle some fine lake sand over the glass, dampen the sand and rub the smooth edge of the iron band over the glass.

Dampen the reed frequently while weaving it, as the weavers pack down much closer when wet.