Damps [noun]

Definition of Damps:

dampness; liquid

Synonyms of Damps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damps:

Sentence/Example of Damps:

He passes the day amid gloomy damps and silence, and only issues out for food a short time at sunrise and sunset.

Sometimes they met in the pastures which surrounded the house at Sulby, amidst the darkness and the damps of night.

The door had not been opened for years; the air was putrid; and the walls hung round with damps and mildew.

Not a leaf stirred on the autumnal trees, but the moist damps fell slowly and with a mournful murmur upon the unwaving grass.

Must the glow of indignation mingle with the damps of death?

The money spent, down they sink again into damps and darkness.

After a most fatiguing march arrived at that place half-dead with damps and cold.

But this hole-and-corner way of doing warfare damps all enthusiasm and stifles recruiting.

The chill fog rested upon her face like the damps of the grave.

In October, Riggan generally shut its doors against damps and mist, and turned toward its fire when it had one.