Danced [verb]

Definition of Danced:

move with lurch

Synonyms of Danced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Danced:

Sentence/Example of Danced:

He burst into a loud laugh, clapped his hands, and danced before the delighted babe.

So when Yung Pak's father made him a present of a monkey—a real monkey—alive—he just danced with glee.

She stood looking at him as he danced around the bag, busily punching its rotund sides.

Her little children, the fireflies, gathered in great numbers and danced in circles around the trees.

A boy on the stage danced very finely and obtained much applause.

On the roads horses in old-fashioned buggies danced at automobiles whizzing by.

His hand was shaking so that the light danced wildly now upon the carpet, now upon the green walls.

Jessie suddenly hopped down from the chair arm and began a pirouette about the room, clapping her hands as she danced.

They danced around the great admiral as he stood on the shore dressed in his most elegant garments, and laughed and shouted.

He threw himself into my arms; before I could disentagle myself, he kissed me on both cheeks; then he danced about the room.