Dancers [noun]

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You see, all the swells sat in their boxes and gazed right down on the dancers, who had a circular place roped off for them.

Now and then - 63 -he turns his head slowly as he leads, and rests these keen, penetrating orbs on the sea of dancers below him.

He sat down at a table near the door and searched the minds of the dancers for a clue to the meaning of what he saw.

Priests attend upon the goddess, and female dancers display their talent before her, accompanied by the loud music of the tam-tam.

In their youth both had been enthusiastic admirers of the ballet, and had often tried to imitate the art of the dancers.

Their perfect manners and careful education would make them noticed anywhere and they are all beautiful dancers.

The dancers caught up torches, and made the ground spring with whirring light.

And he was a dancer among dancers, so that the maidens dreamt of him, and some of them even thought of him when waking.

"Rope-dancers," howled the survivors, of those who by night lowered themselves from the walls.

All took their places, some in the boxes, others in the galleries, the greater number forming a circle round the dancers.