Dangle [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dangle:

You have learnt to sit behind the stove like an old crone, and to dangle at the apronstrings of the women.

The devil especially loves to dangle his tail in the affairs of poor desolate women, and to this Caroline has come.

He sits shambling in the saddle, his smock and tall boots dangle on his bony figure.

A tangled wisp of unkempt sandy hair never failed to dangle below the curtain of the sun-bonnet on the back of her neck.

Every few steps some man would sink into the ice-pack up to his waist and his legs would dangle in slush without finding bottom.

They were then tied upon poles of maguey, and set upright over the carcasses, so as to dangle and dance about in the wind.

The ding of her husband's cash register and the click of her dangle bag mark the systole and diastole of married life.

Old clothesmen, likewise, dwelt hard by, and hung out ancient garments to dangle in the wind.

The creatures that dangle after me want either a toy upon which to throw away their money, or money to throw away upon their toys.

Others are surprising without qualification, like Nepenthes, which dangle a water jug at the tip of every leaf.