Dankness [noun]

Definition of Dankness:

dampness; liquid

Synonyms of Dankness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dankness:

Sentence/Example of Dankness:

Breaths born of the wide sea unfiltered through forest dankness visited more keenly the nostrils of the voyagers.

The silk of the curls on the forehead had a dankness and lifelessness which almost made her catch her breath again.

There was no time to waste, for the darkness was increasing, and the clammy dankness of the air struck to the very marrow.

He shivered, but there was something more than the cold dankness of the air to make him shiver.

The mildew and dirt, the dark denuded dankness of that old hostel, rotting down with damp and time!

She went down the worn stairway and came out into the dankness of the street.

The odour of hot smoke is easily distinguished from the dankness of cold tobacco.

The breath of primroses and violets mingled with the dankness of stagnant water.

And they are always forgetting the warm dankness of our climate.