Dappled [adjective]

Definition of Dappled:

mottled, freckled

Synonyms of Dappled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dappled:

Sentence/Example of Dappled:

In the Catacomb of St. Sebastian was also found a small terra cotta horse of rude design, dappled with coloured spots.

Out beyond us was a sun-soaked clearing, a tiny swamp on the hillside, and the sunlight dappled in across her skirt.

The low mantel was of Italian marble, white, dappled and veined with red shading to faintest rose.

Chime, ye dappled darlings,Down the roaring blast; You shall see a fox dieEre an hour be past.

The sun was up now and the turf was all dappled with lights and shadows, and about him much small, furtive wild life was stirring.

He sat there with folded arms, looking out across the sun-dappled sea.

He hitched Rosina—the dappled mare, named "Raisin" for her spots—to the plow and slapped her into motion.

Its head was down near the throat of the ox, which we could see was torn, and dappled with crimson spots.

On the other side of the lake, a number of dappled grazing animals like long-necked, tall horses lifted their heads to watch her.

Illimitably beautiful pale dappled gray clouds filled the summer sky, shutting out the fierce rays of the sun.