Daps [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Daps:

Then the boy picked up the reins, shook them, and said "Gid-dap!"

Then the Wizard clucked to the Sawhorse and said: "Gid-dap!"

Then Dick climbed on the back of his white steed, took hold of the reins, and cried: "Gid-dap!"

"All you have to do is 'gid-dap' and get away," said Files, sourly.

Dap s.  the hop, or turn of a ball; also habits and peculiarities of a person, ex.

Perhaps when young Terry climbed back into the saddle and said "Gid-dap," one of his clocks would stay behind with the farmer.

Spokesman Jones perceived what the counsel was aiming at and ecstatically shouted, "Gid-dap!"

So they were quite content as the Toyman said "Gee-dap," and they drove off through the night.

He gruffly bade the animal "gid-dap" and appeared a trifle confused.

Whether or not Mr. Bangs wanted to "git dap" is a doubtful question.