Daredevil [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Daredevil:

In “Don Q, Son of Zorro,” Fairbanks stars as both the aging champion and his son, Cesar de Vega — a daredevil by instinct who unites the best parts of Zorro and his father’s Diego identity.

As sensor systems continue to evolve, each will play a role in the system, collectively taking in constant stimulus from the road and world around the car—whether it’s a passing truck or daredevil driver making an ill-advised lane change.

She did not make any of those daredevil speeches one generally caps with others more reckless still.

He at once conceived one of his daredevil passions for the "inanimate statue," and boldly set out to attract her attention.

With him came a youth of his own age with daredevil eyes and a suave manner, one Dane Grey, to whom Harry gave scant greeting.

He even went so far, a daredevil look in his sanguine blue eyes now, as to ask Miss Geralds opinion.

It was true; Tuckerman couldnt look like a daredevil with those enormous glasses.

In front of Cowan's a crowd of nine happy-go-lucky, daredevil riders were sliding from their saddles.

I said, "I am looking now at a romantical daredevil whom I have seen before, though I am sure that he never noticed me."

From that moment he was in the thick of trouble wherever it was to be found, like the dear, daredevil young Irishman that he was!