Darker [adjective]

Definition of Darker:

lack of light

Synonyms of Darker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Darker:

Sentence/Example of Darker:

His hair was darker—almost brown save at the temples, where age had faded it to an ashen colour.

He made no further remark as they descended the darker section of the stair, and she could think of nothing to say to him.

There was the darker face—and there was Lettice; and each struggled for complete possession of her features.

But for sure behind this mystery o' the death o' Sir Lucien there's a darker mystery still; sair dark.

It is tolerably certain that this is a corrupt form of the passage, and only makes the matter darker.

The whales of the North-west Coast appeared to be of the same species, but of a darker colour.

After "going through a sweat," the leaf takes on a darker color, and loses the rank flavor which it had before.

She was shorter by a half-head than her darker cousin, and made up in sprightliness what she lacked of Ruth's gentle dignity.

Katie said this with a still darker frown; for she thought that the urchin was jesting.

A white shirt and white collar fairly hurt the eye, being in such sharp contrast with Bill's dark skin and darker beard.