Darned [adjective]

Definition of Darned:


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Sentence/Example of Darned:

Sometimes, fried food is the best food, New Year resolutions be darned.

And darned if each meteor didn't strike dead center of each plant network.

A female writer says, "Nothing looks worse on a lady than darned stockings."

Allow us to observe that stockings which need darning look much worse than darned ones—Darned if they don't!

"That's another o' them darned new-fangled machines that folks keep inventin'," remarked the man.

Cash and I tried to sleep on kitchen roof but the darned mosquitoes fed up on us and then played heavenly choir all night.

I'm as darned sure as though he'd told me himself that Riel means to stamp the whole crowd of whites clean out of the land.

A moonhead can say a slick thing once in a while and be none the worse, but darned if a clever chap can cut didoes.

These darn roads are so slippery that the darned horse even can't pull it.

My good Elise had darned the stockings of the Governor of Martinique, and many a time she had darned mine!