Dart [verb]

Definition of Dart:

race away; propel

Synonyms of Dart:

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Sentence/Example of Dart:

The first true pang of grief shot through Ethel like a dart, stabbing and taking away her breath, "Where are they?"

It finally plunged sharply down to a steamboat ferry, over which we crossed the Dart and landed directly in the town.

Spread out on one of the steep slopes of the Dart, it overlooks the deep-set river toward the sea.

He had no inclination for some minutes to dart down again into the valley to proceed on the course he had marked out.

To such a mind, ridicule is a venomed dart, piercing and poisoning, and pride but inflames the wound.

I watched you dart like a sunbeam into the forest, so I followed with my slow speed to give you warning.'

An erratic firefly wandered down from the overhanging branches, then commenced to dart from side to side near her head.

He crouched together, brushing on the wainscot, and made a dart like a serpent, striking for the door.

Stopford who, at first, was dead set on digging agreed to have a dart at Kavak Tepe.

The dart will travel with great speed and accuracy for 20 ft. or more, and stick wherever it strikes.