Dashboard [noun]

Definition of Dashboard:

instrument panel

Synonyms of Dashboard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dashboard:


Sentence/Example of Dashboard:

Perhaps this will come in the form of better forecasting methods or simple dashboards, he adds.

This Search Console Insights dashboard gives you more views of your content performance since it now blends both Google Analytics and Google Search Console data into one.

You can set up your own customized dashboard to track the things you want to follow including independent expenditures and ballot measures.

To build this dashboard, you will need to download your server log files along with the ElasticSearch tools.

The first thing to do every time you go to your online reputation management tool is to look at the dashboard.

"Glad to know you, Burke," I said, coming out from underneath the dashboard of the cruiser.

"And think of me," said the Owl, perching upon the dashboard of the Red Wagon with much noisy clattering of his tin feathers.

Johnnie Green kept a long one in the socket beside the dashboard of his little red-wheeled buggy.

Once on the cement highway, the driver opened his throttle, and Jimmy watched the indicator on the dashboard creep up.

He braced his club foot against the iron bar of the dashboard and gripped the sides of the buggy to steady his feeble body.