Dateless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dateless:

Mrs. Owen had herself offered confirmation by placing the delivery of the dateless letter five years earlier.

Young Moorish girl, thy final hour is here, Cast off thy heresies and save thy soul From dateless pain.

Its position on the mace and sceptre is, therefore, a symbolic emblem of dateless antiquity.

A fine thing incomparably said instantly becomes familiar, and has henceforth a sort of dateless excellence.

In the dateless realm of revelation, antiquity joins hands with futurity.

It is—characteristically enough—dateless, so you must take the time of its arrival on my word.

I wrote to you lately, which I suppose you had not received when you sent your dateless letter.

He can only do this out of the materials ready to his hand, but that which he builds has the dignity of dateless age.

Or take Shakespeare's epithet when he speaks of "death's dateless night."

Half-way up are the celebrated "stone sails of Guadalupe," their origin dateless, the hands that put them up unrecorded.