Daubers [noun]

Definition of Daubers:

house painter

Synonyms of Daubers:

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Sentence/Example of Daubers:

When Cyrus Glover was informed that his daughter intended to marry a dauber in paints, he started for Paris on ten hours' notice.

A dancing-girl, who had not much to do, deigned to grant the little Flemish dauber, the favor of sitting for her portrait.

At the same time, another variety of wasp, the pipe-organ mud dauber, was building nests only of nonradioactive mud.

This little white spider I found in the nest of a mud dauber wasp.

Is it possible that after my training of you, you can be in love with this showy fellow, a dauber of no name or talent?

It was outrageous, the way they acted last night; the noise they made in that dauber's studio.

There are few gloomier poems in literature than Dauber in spite of the philosophy and calm of its close.

By-the-by, you ought to break that slanderous miniature, or the head of the dauber who perpetrated it.

A wasp of the variety commonly called "mud-dauber" last summer built her nest on the ceiling of my room in one corner.

A mud-dauber wasp built a nest in my room, and used an open ventilating window as an entrance and exit.