Davenport [noun]

Definition of Davenport:

sofa; small desk

Synonyms of Davenport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Davenport:


Sentence/Example of Davenport:

Christopher Davenport, died; a learned Englishman, who became a Franciscan, and published several theological works.

Thrice he crossed the room; then he flung himself down on the davenport beside Mrs. Owen.

The third is Mr. Bright, sometimes trained up under Mr. Davenport.

Captain Davenport, of Boston, fell next, but before he fell penetrated the enclosure.

Davenport came as near to solving the problem of an electric motor as was possible without the invention of Pacinotti.

The sermon was published, not by his request, but by the unanimous voice of the State Meeting held in Davenport that year.

Le Claire purchased the claim upon which the city of Davenport was laid out for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Hal rose from a seat on the davenport beside Marjorie and advanced with threatening deliberation upon Danny.

Crossed the Mississippi to Davenport, Iowa; took in 25 bushels of corn—paid for shelled corn 38 cts.

I was surprised to find Davenport and Rock Island such large places.