Dawning [noun]

Definition of Dawning:


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Sentence/Example of Dawning:

Over the years, even during the dawning of the “3-point revolution” in the NBA, the 3-pointer had always been a larger part of the men’s college game.

Rain on the horizon and the dawning realization that we are not going to make the Namibian border before it closes.

They embody in themselves the uppermost thought of the era that was dawning when they were written.

I thought it curious to observe this first dawning of literature and interest in politics in this little island.

The wonderful cold wind of a dawning frenzy swept clean his soul.

The little cottage of Um's birth, of her short, happy life and dawning fame, drew itself together in the unusual silence.

Her face grew paler still, her eyes were wide with fear and slowly dawning realisation.

That was an interesting point; and Thyrsis found little by little that a new light was dawning upon him.

Warmed and refreshed now, the family looked out upon the strange scene which began to emerge in the dawning light.

The difficulties were plain to Catherine, whose dawning power needed a period of tranquillity.