Daydreaming [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Daydreaming:

The old men doze off, and the young fellows get to daydreaming or fooling around.

It is a mistake to assume, as some have done, that this faculty for daydreaming was a legacy of the opium-eating.

Daydreaming about visiting another age may be pleasant, but the reality is something else again.

My daydreaming stops, for suddenly Hotlips is grabbing my arm and pointing out the window.

Philon came out of his daydreaming to see MacDonald coming into view around the corner of a living room ell.

The daydreaming chaplain had met and was passing the girls now; still without a sign of recognition.

In imaginative daydreaming, facts are not simply recalled but are rearranged or built together into a story or "castle" or scheme.

In moments of abstraction or daydreaming there was no faraway look, no frown of concentration.

No more pleasant dallying in rich drawing-rooms, no more daydreaming over the varied paths of an entertaining career.

Up to my eleventh or twelfth year the erotic element in my daydreaming varied with the seasons.