Daylight [noun]

Definition of Daylight:

light part of 24 hours

Synonyms of Daylight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daylight:

Sentence/Example of Daylight:

As a result, little daylight existed between fame as a young, attractive woman with any hint of a sex life and what we now know as public shaming.

In daylight, Brookesia chameleons scour the forest floor, snatching up mites and other small invertebrates, Glaw’s team suspects.

If daylight permits, you can make forays to try to find a vantage, but mark a trail for your return.

How to use a happy lampLight therapy for SAD is most effective when you start using the lamp in the early fall and continue on until spring, when enough ambient daylight is restored and symptoms subside.

It’s got three light settings—warm light, daylight, and cool light—with 10 brightness levels in each setting.

I also try to go running outside in the daylight when I arrive.

One time he pulled a knife on a guy in broad daylight at a bus station and demanded his pack of cigarettes.

With fewer hours of daylight in the winter, Under Armour pro runner Morgan Mcdonald often finds himself training in the dark.

Most of the risk associated with daylight saving time occurs in the spring, when we turn the clock forward and lose one hour of sleep.

Alexandria officers say they then waited until daylight, when they approached and found Nelson dead.