Daytime [noun]

Definition of Daytime:

luminescence from sun or other source

Opposite/Antonyms of Daytime:

Sentence/Example of Daytime:

If you’re sleeping during the daytime, you’re going to sleep less at night.

A taste of any marks pastry chef Gregory Baumgartner as a brand to follow and helps explain the lines that form outside this daytime offshoot of the dinner-only, Levantine-inspired Albi in Navy Yard.

Between now and the time when daytime temperatures again average 70 degrees, I will not wear any pants that are not lined in fleece.

For each of the pixels of land area on the global maps, they looked at how the maximum daytime and minimum nighttime temperatures changed over time.

During the daytime, the enormous marine mammals must gobble up tons of krill daily to prepare for their epic migration to warmer southerly waters.

Ana Širović, a marine biologist at Texas A&M University at Galveston, notes that there are examples of whales tagged in Southern California predominantly singing in the daytime during their feeding season.

Crews continued last week to harvest in smoke-filled air, often at night to avoid soaring daytime temperatures.

Miss Boutts replied that they were too busy in the daytime, but were asked once a week to a "bang-up" affair.

In the daytime he would lie concealed in some thicket, close to a road, his horse always picketed some distance from him.

No; for at first it only came at night, but after the horn was blown it came in the daytime as well.