Dazed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dazed:

Tyson employees arrived in a feverish daze, muscles failing, struggling to breathe.

The Goblin stared about him in a dazed manner for a moment, and then said, "Sindbad the Sailor's house."

The violent shock dazed Malcolm for a second, but all might yet have been well were it not for an unavoidable accident.

Donny found himself, dazed and alone, upon the cross-ties, groping toward the oncoming train.

The one with the dazed look carried a small metal case that could be unfolded into a portable desk.

Even the two dazed girls helped, once they knew that an Englishman was fighting in their behalf.

Joan stared at him; she was still dazed and bewildered, and still imagined herself with the companion of her trance.

His words mingled in my dazed mind with the sighs of the troubled sleeper and the crying of the wind about the tent.

Sarah only knew that her mistress was more dazed than usual that morning, and had insisted upon her bringing the cloak.

He turned his head towards the dim interior of the room and for a dazed moment thought that he beheld Spring herself.