Dazes [noun]

Definition of Dazes:


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Sentence/Example of Dazes:

When Henry appeared, a trifle shaken out of his daze and anxious only to get away, Mr. Cordyce stretched out his hand.

Only half convinced and full of suspicion, the Sultan walked on in a daze, as though he were going to his last doom.

It was a glancing blow, but it was enough to daze the man and send him reeling backward.

And Black Hood, his mind still in a daze, stared down at the gems in the copper's hand.

Though the boss's disappearance was now four days old, things were still in a sort of daze down at the railroad offices.

She remembered in a kind of daze that she had been at a garden-party that very afternoon.

Things were in a daze on the horizon, but not there in the field.

The fare waz kept up for 10 daze, and sum red hot time waz made.

Atahualpa sat upon his reeling throne gazing upon the bloody scene in a daze of surprise.

Shocked, stunned, the major sat in a daze, making little clucking sounds in his throat.