Dazzle [verb]

Definition of Dazzle:

confuse, amaze

Synonyms of Dazzle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dazzle:




Sentence/Example of Dazzle:

Any stall of any possession seemed lethal given the opposition ready to take the football and dazzle.

It was a dose of dazzle for a talented offense that has seemed staid in spots this season.

He supposed they had scoured all Jursa for a real beauty to dazzle him; but they would discover that it would not work.

But to do this I must dazzle him into giving me a great pleasure.

There lay his wife in all the finery she had arrayed herself to dazzle her fashionable acquaintances, a speechless corpse!

It did not dazzle me, however; it simply filled me, and gave me a sensation of peculiar buoyancy.

His prey would be driven out of its hiding-place by smoke, or the torch would dazzle it.

"He tried for the diplomatic service, but he didn't precisely dazzle his examiners," Mr. Lovick further mentioned.

Flora says he wants to dazzle me, and will have them changed into paste before he makes them over to his young woman.

Ahead, for all her fears, the trail still held something of the glamour and the dazzle.