Dazzled [verb]

Definition of Dazzled:

confuse, amaze

Synonyms of Dazzled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dazzled:




Sentence/Example of Dazzled:

He dazzled the eyes and might have had for the asking the heart and hand of Diana Horton—Ruth's cousin.

Dazzled by the more lavish gifts, she looked listlessly and disdainfully at bodkins, three for twopence.

His eyes were so dazzled with tears that he could hardly see to drive, nor did his father speak at first.

The one permits herself to be dazzled, intoxicated—the other always preserves her indifference.

The sun glanced on the crystal cross in the Pope's hand: those who saw were dazzled, and looked away.

As the three stepped within, they were nigh dazzled by the intense white light.

Again they darted back, to receive new energy, while in a breath the eye was dazzled anew by fresh wonders.

This was a young woman of such marvelous beauty that Yvon, dazzled, fell on his knees at the sight.

He is dazzled by the spectacular glories of the capital, but his native stock of cannyness renders him proof against seduction.

I was now to be dazzled, delighted, and overwhelmed by him as the orator.