Deacons [noun]

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By James McBride“Sportcoat” is a 71-year-old deacon who lives in a Brooklyn housing project in 1969.

He told me how his dad, the deacon, jailed in another cell, used to have sex with him.

At last Deacon MacNab, the church treasurer and a personage of importance, got a chance to speak.

Of course there had been no organ in this church before, or the worthy deacon might have known more about it.

Then he returned to his province, entered the seminary, and became a sub-deacon of the diocese of Nueva Segovia.

The deacon pounded on the porch with his nearly finished leg, and grew red in the face.

How d'ye stand on the proposition to have the town build a sidewalk up the hill apast the Congregational church, Deacon?

Deacon Pettybone was a busy man, organizing the forces of the Baptists, and seeking diligently to round up the votes of neutrals.

At nine thirty a small boy wriggled up to the deacon and whispered in his ear.

Scattergood, with great show of solicitude, dispatched a youngster to the deacon's house for his extra limb.