Deactivated [verb]

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A shot developed in China using deactivated covid-19 germs protected only half the people who got it, although it did stop severe disease.

This sort of sharing is something that might be enabled without your knowledge, or that you may have switched on at one point but now want to deactivate.

I was in school, and I had deactivated my social media during the semester.

His return was delayed by a team disciplinary issue that caused him to be deactivated for a game and fined, and a hamstring injury.

They had AT&T deactivate the connection, so that none of the data on the devices could go to the cloud.

It’s like The Hurt Locker, only sometimes they have to deactivate mines underwater, too.

While Kolfage has deactivated many of his previous social media accounts, including Twitter, which he closed soon after the indictment, court documents and more recent, undeleted social media activity indicate similar behavior.

Some people are known to have trouble fighting infections because they make antibodies that deactivate their own interferon.

Business owners that decide to implement these features should respond to customers within 24 hours, otherwise Google may deactivate them.

This ship is crowded with a complete set of automatic defenses that I cant deactivate.