Deadfall [noun]

Definition of Deadfall:

hazard, trap

Synonyms of Deadfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadfall:

Sentence/Example of Deadfall:

He has broken away from several steel traps, and he always takes the bait of a deadfall without harm to himself.

After three or four days, I again went to the deadfall, wondering and imagining all kinds of things.

With some hard work and heavy lifting I got another good deadfall built that day.

The carcass of the bear was, of course, a complete loss, and that is a serious objection to the deadfall as a bear trap.

When the mink will not take bait readily, then of course the deadfall does not make a successful mink trap.

I tried to hide under a deadfall, knowing that it was poor protection against rifle fire.

I couldn't tell which direction they came from; I was too busy trying to stuff my feet into a gopher hole under my deadfall.

The deadfall if made right and located where game frequents is quite successful.

You can make your sets faster and can change the steel trap from place to place; of course, the deadfall you cannot.

In setting in trail it beats any deadfall I have ever used for such animals as have a nature to follow a trail.