Deadlocked [adjective]

Definition of Deadlocked:

calm, not moving

Synonyms of Deadlocked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadlocked:

Sentence/Example of Deadlocked:

Each side stood fast on its own principles and the arbitration committees regularly became deadlocked.

The United States had always been disposed to submit to arbitration questions which seemed deadlocked.

But finally the effort was given up, and the two armies faced each other across the Aisne deadlocked.

This also was a failure, and the two armies finally became deadlocked along the line of the Bzura and the Rawka Rivers.

With the good government which followed these changes a deadlocked Congress showed no great desire to interfere.

On a count the stock represented stood deadlocked and Sam, looking down the table, raised his eyebrows to Webster.

The election being disputed, it fell to them to decide the question—something they would never do, since they were deadlocked.

Lee and Grant were deadlocked in the trenches before Petersburg, but here in the valley history would be made again.

“Con” was Cornelius Bonner, an Irishman, one of the deadlocked school board, and the 22 captain of the road grader.

The deadlocked members of the board had been so long at loggerheads that their relations had swayed back to something like amity.