Deafen [verb]

Definition of Deafen:

make deaf

Synonyms of Deafen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deafen:


Sentence/Example of Deafen:

He cannot hear us up there; and, by the belt of Ashur, the king's voice raised in anger is enough to deafen a man in both ears!

Trembling she took shelter inside the open stable door, her heart beating so hard it seemed to deafen her.

Them racketin's would deafen the saints themselves, so they would.

The noise of the discharge is an evil, it ought to be made to do work, not deafen.

Will you give me my cue—it is of no use to ask him when we are to deafen you.

I should not like to be near that fellow while he was ringing,” cried Harry; “he would make noise enough to deafen a rhinoceros.

She tried to deafen herself against it, or to fill the ear of conscience with delusive sounds.

He started up, and put both his hands to his ears as if he heard something dreadful, and was trying to deafen himself to it.

How long will you deafen your ears to the pitiable cry of the bankrupt as he pleads for the order of his discharge?

And would not the answering roar to anything so complicated as a question about conscience-qualms deafen me for ever?